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Approximately 60% of auto and truck accidents in Louisiana are caused by drivers "Following too Close" to the vehicle in front of them.

LA. R.S. 32:81 states the a driver "shall not follow another vehicle more closely tham is reasonable and prudent."  The Two Second Rule is recommended as reasonable and prudent by the Louisiana's driver's license guide book, as well as, other major highway safety organizations.

The two second rule is for optimal conditions, the distance should be increased to 3 or 4 seconds during times of inclement weather.  State troopers use stop watches and time your distance from vehicle in front of you using a fixed land point.  If less than two seconds in optimal conditions they can write you a ticket you for "Following too Close".

There are many ways to contest a "Following too Close" ticket in Louisiana since using a stop watch is far from an exact science.

A "Following too Close" violation will likely result in fines, points on your driving record and increased insurance costs. Your license could be suspended as a result of this citation for a driver who already has points on his or her driving record!

Although you may think it is easier to simply pay the fine and go on your way, being represented by a lawyer can actually save you money and headaches in the long run. Contact ticket attorney Paul Massa for a free case review of your ticket.

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Ouachita Parish traffic court procedures are quite unfamiliar to most people. Which is why it can be difficult for most motorists to make a persuasive presentation to the judge. Having an attorney or lawyer represent you can dramatically increase the chances of keeping your traffic ticket violation off your driving record and avoiding your appearance in court.

Attorney Paul Massa knows the local court rules and has appeared before the court for many other clients for over 20 years. This now allows him to represent you in the most effective matter, for the most advantageous results possible. His traffic ticket defense experience will benefit you for years to come.

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